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Ink Blot now allows artists to design and sell masks with their art. They receive the majority of profits from each sale as Ink Blot works to helping artists turn their art into their careers

...and We'll Donate One

For any mask purchased, Ink Blot will donate a mask to the Center for Urban Communities, an organization helping people rise exit homelessness, and be healthy

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For every mask purchased, we'll donate one

Face covers have been scientifically shown to help prevent the spread of viruses that proliferate by respiratory droplet. With the ever present risk of future pandemics, it's clear face covers are here to stay.

  1. We at Ink Blot want to create a future where masks are 1. Available to everyone who needs them and 2. Are an artistic expression of one's self (as all fashion is). We're doing our best to make this future a reality.


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