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Design and Sell Clothes Online with Ink Blot

We want to turn your art into your career. 

Starting with Apparel in mid 2019, Ink Blot was founded on the idea that artists should (and want to) focus primarily on their art. Through Ink Blot, apparel designers can now start their brand with professional help without spending any money of their own. 

Unlike traditional fulfillment services: Ink Blot is not for everyone. We accept only a few artists per month after an application review process, but in return we
help them with all aspects of their brand. This includes not only fulfillment but marketing, advertising, brand imaging, customer service, and any other possible operational aspects of their business.

Ink Blot also believes in helping you create the apparel that you want, not what's convenient for us. During the onboarding process, Ink Blot will send you samples of your shirts, shoes, or whatever apparel you choose so that you can make adjustments to the material, the artwork placement, the artwork size or whatever will make you more comfortable with what you are putting out to the world.

What separates Ink Blot from its Competitors? 

It’s true that there are a few companies out there who offer a similar product offering. Namely: a marketplace in which you can sell your designs without investing your own capital. Here are some ways in which Ink Blot offers a superior product over its competitors. 

  • Ink Blot offers a wider array of apparel: No other marketplace allows the variety of clothing that we allow. A few allow t-shirts, one deals with shoes, and other hats, but no one else allows you to design and sell all three.

  • Everything sold via Ink Blot ships for free: Whether a user buys 1,000 shoes or simply one t-shirt, every item ships free and allows for free refunds, providing the best possible experience for your customers.

  • Ink Blot will help market your designs: Unlike other sites which rely on you to market your own product, Ink Blot will invest in your product to get you up and running. From blog posts to paid advertising to guerrilla marketing in major metropolitan areas, Ink Blot will do whatever it takes to get your brand as much publicity as possible. We only succeed if you succeed.  

  • Ink Blot is eco-friendly without sacrificing quality: Ink Blot places great pride in producing the highest quality garments while being as environmentally conscious as possible. Ink Blot's manufacturing process uses significantly less water, carbon and fiber waste than its competitors, and only uses the most environmentally safe inks and dyes for its prints.
  • Ink Blot is not for everyone: Ink Blot is not intended for a non-profit trying to sell 1,000 shirts to raise funds by next Friday. Ink Blot is not intended for a high school student who just figured out how to use MS Paint (RIP) who wants to try to make a quick buck. Ink Blot is for serious designers who want to see their art in the real world, and who have a serious interest in producing this art for a living.

  • Ink Blot offers a superior onboarding process for its designers: Ink Blot's onboarding process allows its designers to hold samples of their products and to make alterations to them as they see fit. No other product allows its designers to get their clothing line exactly how they want it.