Ink Blot's
Mission to
be Green

Going Green

It's not widely acknowledged how truly impactful the fashion industry is on the environment. From massive uses of clean water and dirty electricity to huge carbon emissions and production of large amounts of waste, how apparel is being made is becoming more and more impactful on our planet's livelihood.

Ink Blot feels it has a moral obligation to do whatever it can to sell apparel that is made as sustainably as possible. We want to highlight to our customers so that they can know what to expect with our apparel and what to look for in others'.

How We're Working to be Eco-Friendly

Water Reduction

According to the World Bank, the fashion industry uses up over 93 billion cubic meters of water (enough to meet the needs of five million people). Around 20% of the world's wastewater comes from fabric dying and treatment alone.

Besides our shoes*, all of Ink Blot's apparel is made with fabric dyed in California dye houses that use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer.

California has some of the most strict EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations, so by dyeing in California, we we are adhering to the highest level of environmental compliancy. Approximately three gallons of water are used per pound of fabric, whereas many other brands use anywhere from 9 to 20 gallons of water per pound of fabric. This is possible due to top-notch dyeing technology that uses a very low ratio of dye-to-water, which is monitored through a digital computer system. Other dye houses commonly mix manually, generally using extra dye and creating extra waste. Also, all dyes used in Ink Blot's fabric are bluesign® certified, guaranteeing that they are eco-friendly.

Once the dyeing process is complete, the water and dyes are separated. The water is recycled through an in-house filtration system and reused again, rather than being dumped into rivers or oceans. The dye waste is also burned at a high temperature in a self-contained environment, allowing for no smoke stacks nor pollution to be put into the air.

Energy Reduction

According to World Bank, The fashion industry is responsible for 10 % of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. At this pace, the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions will surge more than 50 % by 2030.

Other than for our shoes*, Ink Blot only uses apparel that takes every opportunity to reduce their CO2 emissions.

Ink Blot apparel is created in sewing and cutting facilities that run on solar power. All the buildings at our supplier's headquarters are equipped with motion-sensor LED lighting, which use nine times less energy than traditional lights.

Virtually Zero Waste

According to World Bank, every year a half a million tons of plastic microfibers are dumped into the ocean, the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. Microfibers are especially dangerous as they cannot be extracted from the water and they can spread throughout the food chain.

Apart from our shoes*, Ink Blot's apparel suppliers recycle everything possible – fabric, plastic, bottles, paper and more.

Ink Blot's fabric is made as efficiently as possible, with little to no waste. Anything that isn’t turned into one of our supplier's products is picked up daily and taken to different recycling centers. The fabric is then recycled into different things like tile, bottles, stuffing, upholstery – even energy!

*Ink Blot uses Bella + Canvas as our primary supplier for all of our clothing, except for our canvas shoes. Currently the shoes are made overseas before being printed on in the United States, but we are actively looking for a US supplier to take over this process.