Starting a Clothing Brand: Then vs. Now

We want to help artists turn their art into their careers. Below is an outline how Ink Blot is working to remove barriers of lack of funds, lack of time to invest in non-artistic endeavors and diffculties associated with operating and manufacturing for a clothing brand.

Starting a Clothing Line without Ink Blot

  1. The Artist must invest funds in either raw goods and invest time in finding a way to put their art on the goods or buy a large number of finished products directly from a supplier, likely situated overseas.
  2. Any products bought overseas are likely to create high carbon emissions and create a lot of waste water. In addition to the environmental impact of the product, there is also a great risk of low quality throughput from the supplier using the cheapest manufacturing process possible.
  3. The Artist must spend time marketing the products in order to make back the initial investment
  4. After selling, the Artist has to invest time in distributing the products to the end customer.
  5. Any inventory not sold by the artist is simply lost revenue, as they already paid for the products up front.

Starting a Clothing Line With Ink Blot

  1. The Artist simply submits the designs to Ink Blot
  2. Ink Blot markets the design (including investing advertising $) on the Artist's behalf
  3. When a customer orders the design, the Artist makes profit of the sale price minus whatever it costs Ink Blot to make the design
  4. Ink Blot procures the garment, packs and ships it to the end customer, and handles customer service and refunds on behalf of the artist.
  5. Ink Blot guarantees that the product is created as humanely and eco-consciously as possible, all while guaranteeing the highest quality of products.

Without Ink Blot

The Artist must invest personal funds in creating the product, with no guarantee the product will sell at all.

The Artist has to invest time in lots of areas that aren't art, including marketing the product, distributing the product and handling customer service.

The Artist has no guarantee as to the quality of the products that will be produced, and it's very likely the products will have a sharply negative impact on the environment.

With Ink Blot

The artist invests zero dollars. Ink Blot will never ask any of its designers to ever pay any money to start selling their products.

  • The artist spends zero time working on anything other than the art itself. Ink Blot wants artists creating art, not worrying about customer service, supply chains, marketing, etc. etc.
  • The end product is created ethically, eco-consciously and with as high quality processes as possible


Our goal is to enable ALL artists to create THEIR art as humanely and eco-consciouly as possible

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